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Calderdale Councillors Take Treesponsibility

Treesponsibility Autumn Gathering 2007

A trio of Calderdale Councillors are to ‘dig in’ at a tree planting session taking place tomorrow (Tuesday 27th January 2009). Councillor Barry Collins, Councillor Joyce Cawthra and Councillor Robert Thompson will be joining the Community Group Treesponsibility to plant a fresh batch of saplings at Steanor Bottom, Walsden.

The Councillors decided to take action after a recent meeting of the Council’s
Regeneration and Development Scrutiny Panel, where the new Draft Tree Policy was considered.

The Scrutiny Panel welcomed the policy, which sets out the Borough’s approach to the maintenance, management and enhancement of trees in Calderdale. The Panel heard from external experts from the Forestry Commission and Treesponsibility, as well as officers from the Council’s Countryside Team.

Councillor Barry Collins, Scrutiny Chair for Regeneration and Development says:

“The panel would love to see a more active approach to woodland planting for the future. I’m keen to adopt a similar scheme to the successful Million Trees Initiative that the Council undertook in the 1990’s, which saw a massive 300 acres of trees being planted in Calderdale.

“Trees are vital to our community – they improve health and well-being, create a calming setting for people to live in and provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife. They can also create an attractive setting that helps encourage economic investment. Calderdale’s trees offer all these benefits and more to people who live, work or visit and we can be rightly proud of our tree heritage.”

The Panel is now keen to find ways in which the Council, working with partners, can help to develop new woodland planting strategies, and also look at planting fruit trees that would enhance Calderdale’s capacity to grow food locally. A report looking at these issues is due to come back to the panel in the next few months.

Penny Eastwood from Treesponsibilty said:

“Funding from Yorkshire Forward as part of the White Rose Forest Green Infrastructure programme has allowed us to continue our community work making sure Calderdale remains a tree-friendly borough.

“Tree planting links into so much – education, health, the climate change agenda and finding local sources of energy – this a great way for the Councillors to experience the reality of increasing Calderdale’s tree coverage.”

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