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Labour Party Rejects Janet Oosthuysen As Candidate

Janet Oosthuysen

Hebden Bridge resident Janet Oosthuysen has not been endorsed by the Labour Party NEC as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Calder Valley seat following revelations that she had been cautioned by police for damaging her former boyfriend Craig Moore’s BMW car. The incident was reportedly caught on the CCTV cameras of the local office of the current Calder Valley MP, Chris McCafferty.

Further suggestions in the media that she had a relationship with Kris Hopkins, the Tory leader of Bradford Council, only served to cast further doubt over her suitability as a candidate.

Despite being an extremely popular candidate with Hebden Bridge residents, Janet, mother of three teenagers, was becoming increasingly unlikely as a candidate for a Calder Valley seat which has been the centre of a great deal of controversy in recent years

A Labour Party spokesman is quoted in The Yorkshire Post as saying yesterday that: “After careful consideration, the Labour Party NEC has decided not to endorse Janet Oosthuysen as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate on the grounds of her police caution for criminal damage.

“Calder Valley Constituency Labour Party will hold another selection process to choose another candidate for the next General Election.’”

Ms Oosthuysen was unavailable for comment on the decision, as she is currently in Washington DC attending the inauguration of Barack Obama as US President.

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